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Fitness Training

If you're looking to increase your stamina, endurance, and strength, visit Kramer's Gym. We offer fitness training programs for clients of all ages.

Our instructors specialize in several areas, including:

Fitness Training

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

For bodybuilders who are training for competition or want to move up a level, our powerlifting program is for you. We will work with you to gain size and strength. Additionally, our instructors will help you with three specific barbell lifts, including squats, bench press, and deadlift. Our aim is to assist you in winning your next competition.

Sports-Specific Training

Improve your game performance by participating in our sports-specific training program. This service is recommended for high school and professional athletes who are involved in football, baseball, basketball, track and field, golf, swimming, and other sports.

Family Fitness

Getting your loved ones involved in improving their overall health is easy when you sign them up for our family fitness sessions. Open to individuals ages 16 and older, the program helps people with their weight management. Our instructors work with different age groups to complete cardio, strength, bone density, flexibility, and weight lifting exercises and techniques.

Personal Training

Lose weight by receiving one-on-one or group training at our gym. Your trainer will do what it takes to assist you in achieving your personal fitness goals.

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